Adriana Lima x Waterdrop

The iconic model unveils a refreshing (and golden) collaboration with the hydration brand.

Drink more water, energize: supermodel Adriana Lima unveils her latest collaboration with Waterdrop, enticing people to hydrate more and more, and in a completely sustainable way. The reusable steel bottle will be available in a limited edition.

What if drinking more water was the foundation for healthier living? Adriana Lima has partnered with Waterdrop to create a limited edition of sustainable water bottles to help people meet their daily hydration goals with Oro.

“With everything in my day, I always prioritize hydration as one of my favorite beauty secrets. Not just for an aesthetic reason, but because staying hydrated helps me stay focused, alert and able to accomplish whatever the day requires of me. ” Adriana Lima recounts.”

My daily habits and routines are sacred to me, from yoga to other wellness activities. Staying hydrated through Waterdrop helps me commit to my goals so that I can be the most dynamic and focused version of myself. When you are healing yourself from the inside out you can feel and be your best. ” Adriana Lima continues.

Along with a daily reminder to hydrate, having a bottle that makes you happy when you use it encourages you to use a reusable water bottle and use less plastic bottles,even when you are on the go. “ConcludesAdriana Lima.

This stylish limited edition will be available in two sizes (600ml and 1l). The water bottle is made of double-walled stainless steel and keeps drinks cold for 12 hours and hot for 12-the start of a golden summer!

The water bottles also will be available as part of two sets that will include 2 packs of microenergy or a larger selection of microdrinks-sugar-free compact cubes that dissolve in water, enriching it with natural fruits, plants and vitamins to boost essential hydration.

“Waterdrop has a simple mission: to help people live healthier, more hydratedand more sustainable lives. We firmly believe in supporting a healthy and innovative lifestyle and most importantly we believe in the importance of respecting our environment, so Adriana Lima is the perfect partner. We couldn’t be happier to launch her wonderful limited edition water bottle. “Martin Murray, CEO & founder of Waterdrop.