Antonio Marras opens the doors of his first store in Rome

Why believe in fate? Because things that happen often cannot be considered mere coincidences. Antonio Marras returns to Rome to cut the ribbon on his first store in the beating heart of the capital, at No. 80 Via dei Condotti, some 30 years after he first heard the churning of the Barcaccia.

“It was only right to come back” for Antonio Marras, since it all began there, when in the late 1990s the Sardinian-born designer presented in the Capitoline salons his first Haute Couture collections made in the small atelier of his beloved island, thanks to the skilful hands of embroiderers of ancient tradition handed down from mother to daughter. Collections that drew inspirations from female personalities such as Maria Lai, a great Sardinian artist, the goddess Tanit, women who emigrated from Sardinia to Argentina, and those who worked in the Sulcis mines. The parades were prepared in Via Margutta, in a courtyard where former stables had been converted into warehouses.

After 27 years and 350 meters, the ones separating Via Margutta from Via dei Condotti, Antonio Marras opened his first store in Rome with a private event on March 30, 2023. Already open since March 4 to the public, the curious, those new and those returning, the new space awaits on the edge of the eternal city, to which he owes so much, and so much he wants to give back.

An appendage of the designer’s home, the new store does not mimic, is welcoming, from the atmospheric