Atelier Emé Bridal Fashion Show 2023

Atelier Emé Bridal Fashion Show 2023

A celebration of authentic beauty to celebrate the return to sharing time and space.

A hymn to love to finally live fully, a rebirth that passes through dreams to be lived with open eyes thanks to a special and unique event. This is why the concept of the parade revolves around the concept of the square, a physical but also ideal place where the heart of cities beats loudly. There, in fact, love is born, friends meet, and work is done; and there Atelier Emé 2023 Bridal creations will parade.

The setting will be reminiscent of a small square in the 1960s, with round tables that recall the evocative images of Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis in Capri or the movie stars of La Dolce Vita.

Special and evocative will be the set-up, with a magazine kiosk that will distribute the program to guests, The Blonde Flower Bar, composed of an Apecar loaded with bouquets wrapped in Atelier Emé recycled fabrics, just as embellished with flowers will be 5 vintage Lambrettas; and then again a corner in which illustrator Cinzia Zenocchini will create instant croquis, and a themed bar corner available to serve soft drinks to guests.

A 360-degree event that will give guests an immersive experience right from the entrance.

In fact, on this occasion, the guests – including Giulia de Lellis, Rosa Perrotta, Sabrina Ghio and Elen Ellis – will pass through the Fashion Gallery Collezione Cerimonia before arriving at the catwalk where the fashion show will take place; an emotional and didactic path that recreates a typical atelier of the 1960s.

Two main parade themes: roots and royalty. The first dedicated to the more intimate ceremony, in which there is a strong connection with nature, family, a connection with unspoiled nature. A levity that passes through soft lace on dresses with hinted bustier effects, special for wearability. Ethereal transparencies, precious weaves, precious details such as rhinestone eyelets, sophisticated textured materials, a true invitation to rediscover the tactile experience after the long period of distancing.

The second is imbued with the allure of iconic royal weddings, such as that of Grace of Monaco and Lady Diana Spencer. Retro atmospheres, at times nostalgic, characterized by a chaste and sumptuous sensuality, by important volumes supported by very light skirts designed ad hoc. High tailoring and impeccable craftsmanship revealed through jewel applications on ivory, gold and platinum robe mariée.

To these two themes of add sensual shaping effect dresses that adhere to the figure enhancing the silhouette, and super glamorous proposals in the Combinable collection: glitter garments, deep slits, sensual mermaid skirts, bustiers with hetero plumage.

With this collection starts the new course of Atelier Emè, under the leadership of the new Creative Director Silvia Falconi.