Dan John invests in the Metaverse

The brand will soon give life to an imaginary store where NFT clothing for avatars will also
be available and that will correspond to the new domain acquired www.danjohn.eth

Dan John, Roman multi-store dedicated to men’s clothing, enters a new era by investing in the Metaverse. This is a real hybrid reality that has been bursting in the last months and rapidly conquering also the world of fashion, and that consists of virtual worlds representing a new frontier of economic and business opportunities for brands.

Even Dan John has chosen to bet on this new dimension and has purchased in the renowned virtual world The Sandbox (http://www.sandbox.game) 9216 square meters. The land, from the coor- dinates -49-119,
will become the first Dan John virtual store, still under construction, with long spaces and events and collections reserved for the brand’s most loyal customers. Moreover, Dan John has acquired its new domain, www.danjohn.eth, where eth stands for Ethereum, one of the most famous blockchain of Web 3.0, within which it will also be possible to track NFT-Non Fungible Token of virtual clothing for one’s own personal avatar, or certificates of ownership on works, or in these cases garments, only digital.

Thus the brand, which since its foundation has pursued the ultimate goal of becoming an international reality and a point of reference for men’s fashion, with a formal, service-oriented, easy-to-buy
and easy-to-use product, explores the attempt to mix the flavor of traditional Italian tailoring with
an avant-garde experience, which responds to the latest interests and curiosities of a wide audience.
This action will therefore further strengthen Dan John’s image and in particular the link with its loyal customers, whose conquest has allowed a rapid expansion that today counts more than 100 stores worldwide.

Dan John continues to be the reference of the “modern man”, after having opened to cryptocurrencies
and virtual shop windows, now the Metaverse and the web 3.0.