“Dawn of Summer”. Amedeo Testoni SS23

A space to wake up in, with newfound optimism to approach the upcoming future with a positive attitude. “Dawn of Summer,” Amedeo Testoni’s Spring-Summer 2023 collection, is a hymn to wellbeing. An era overflowing with life-changing events asks to get hold of time to rejoice by taking a moment to appreciate the surrounding world. The sunrise becomes an ideal reference for wonder and beauty from which the entire SS23 takes inspiration.

The brand’s research in the innovation continues, including alternative materials that must be able to combine the highest quality with maximum comfort, for designs capable of improving well-being and happiness of consumers and accordingly self-confidence.

Special attention is paid to key concept of circularity, the first pillar of a truly sustainable business. Raw hides are transformed from waste into a resource through the tanning process, thus reducing global pollution. Alternative leathers are treated with ecological and environmentally friendly processes such as the chrome-free treatment that forecast a considerably lower use of chemicals, cleaner waste streams and better biodegradability. This collection combines heritage and savoir-faire that have made AMEDEO TESTONI a leader in leather goods. The brand shows as always, its propension in designing innovative and emotional products.

Three macro-themes are explored, including SOULFUL, the trend that seeks a new form of happiness into the balance.The Bolognese brand chooses, for this season, to invest in products that can create and transmit well-being not only to people, but also to the surrounding environment. A mix of unique characteristics of comfort and craftsmanship that distinguish the products finds its ideal expression in sophisticated and modern models.

The COLOURFUL collection is an ode to newfound freedom after a period of renunciation. An enthusiastic and fearless approach to life, happy to explore and experiment with many different but cleverly combined elements. An intense encounter of prints, fabrics and colours that encourages free expression which allows to feel good with own self. Joyful and sporty, spontaneous and fun, a functional, comfortable and jolly collection.

MINDFUL is the environmentally conscious collection that aims to build a better future. Craftsmanship and technology work side by side infusing the tradition with modernity. The reinterpretation of TESTONI’s legacy continues. The contemporary details are fundamental to transform the classic designs into immortal must-have products. The need for lightness, flexibility and comfort are core for the improvement of materials as much as their increasing sustainability.

Once again, AMEDEO TESTONI reconfirms its ability to combine tradition and innovation in the continuous search for all-Italian excellence.