Kappa® x Befancyfit

The leading sportswear brand meets Cristina Marino, digital entrepreneur and founder of Befancyfit.

Kappa®, a brand that brings sport into the daily life of each of us with its garments, chooses once again
to approach authentic, creative and ready to get involved characters like Cristina Marino, to emphasize
the combo between fashion and sportswear.

Kappa® x Befancyfit marks the first co-branding of Kappa® Training, which comes to life in a women’s capsule composed of garments that are fashionable and sporty at the same time.

Cristina Marino, digital entrepreneur, actress and influencer launched the Befancyfit platform in 2016
to share her lifestyle secrets with women of all ages.

The video directed by Enea Colombi and the images taken by photographer Victor Santiago, fully encapsulate the main values shared by Kappa® and Befancyfit: inclusivity and loving each other, launching an important message for the whole community: “It doesn’t matter where, it doesn’t matter when,
the important thing is to want it”.

“It’s not the end result that counts but the initial decision”, “Treat yourself as that unbreakable commitment you can’t miss”, “Constancy together with determination is the only engine that can change your life”.
These are some of the mottos on which Befancyfit is based, where the care and attention to themselves,
are the engine to choose to love themselves. And that is why the co-branding with Kappa®, fully reflects the principles on which it is based. Choosing to love yourself is an act that must be done every day, even if only for half an hour, from training to small gestures such as the beauty routine, or the choice of a garment that makes you feel beautiful, comfortable and cool.

The Kappa® x Befancyfit capsule includes hyper feminine and comfortable garments designed to meet all the needs and tastes of the Befancyfit community and beyond. The collection includes lifestyle and sportswear items with parkas and cargo pants for an oversized look, crop tops with low back, leggings
with cut put back and side and sporty-chic bodysuits with tone on tone logo.
Kappa® x Befancyfit will be available from February 21st not only on Kappa.com and Befancyfit.com e-commerce, but also in dedicated pop-ups in the most important multi-brand stores in Italy, such as La Rinascente and COIN.

The launch of the collection in March 2022 will be followed by numerous digital activities organized by the team of Kappa® and Befancyfit that will feature some of the most famous Italian influencers and celebrities as well as the Befancyfit class scheduled in Milan.