Luca Larenza presents the new SS23 collection

Lightness and cheerful plays of color, Luca Larenza’s new Spring Summer 23 collection is all about lightheartedness. Letting itself be inspired by the aesthetic fluidity of Guadagnino’s films, capable of representing as much the complexity of adolescence and growing up as its cheerfulness and freedom, a tale of vibrant patterns and garments with a relaxed fit comes to life.

Alternating stripes and dots, fan patterns and contrasting details express optimism and a positive outlook on life. The designer reflects on his own childhood memories, in which pleasant sunny afternoons spent with friends and without worries, take shape through an in-depth color study and special attention to lines.

The quality of materials remains focus of collection. Silk, linen or cotton, combined with cashmere, make the over-cut polo shirts light and soft, while outerwear and jackets made of a linen and hemp blend, in total respect for the environment, complete the collection for contemporary elegance.

Also this season, special attention is paid to fabrics, which are carefully worked throughout the production process. Such as knitwear with “mesh” stitches and patterns made with three-dimensional jacquard and inlay micro-designs. Exposed zippers and Maxi Pockets, both of the overshirts and cargo pants, complete the garments in a mix of tradition and innovation.
Luca Larenza’s SS23 is a eulogy to a manufacturing tradition that has made lightness its strong point. A collection dedicated to sophisticated globe-trotters who love the brand’s own “irreverent” elegance.