Palace collaborates with Kappa

Palaceand Kappa® unveil a new collaborative collection: the first time the two brands have worked together. The PalaceKappa® collaboration is a celebration of timeless Italian street style and 1990s Britishfootball culture. The series of jerseys, tracksuits, caps and accessories offers a freshtake on classic garments
that is simultaneously referential and new.

Kappa® invited the Palace design team to explore the Kappa® archive in Turin, Italy. The extensive collection houses jerseys worn by iconic players, sportswear reappropriated by Britpop stars, and the hundreds of different Home and Away kits worn by Kappa® -sponsored teams over the past 30 years.
The Palace design team focused on archival garments that they fondly remember wearing as streetwear ready-mades in the 1990s.

Jerseys represented local affiliations, but over time the colourways evolved beyond strict team allegiances. The Kappa® Palace collaboration includes a “90’s fit” crinkle effect long jacket in technical nylon with
the Maxi Kappa logo on the shoulders and Palace’s reworked“banda” on the sleeves. Another stand out item is the iconic Kappa®222 Banda tracksuit in polytricot, reinterpreted with aplayful newPalaceKappa® logo. T-shirts with Raglan sleeves are inspired by iconic soccer jerseys in blue, yellow, pink, and black,
and a soccer boot bag with the Kappa® and Palace logos in rubber round out the collection.