Social Media Management & Content Creation

Our Digital agency works on effective and result oriented Social Media mgmt strategies.
After a preliminary strategic study, we start from the creation of stories, through emotional copy able to empathize with the final consumer, we take photos and shoot videos that can fully express
the desires and ambitions of the brand itself,
and we create an articulated and structured editorial plan. The contents dedicated to social media are taken care of from the initial mood
to their realization, declined according
to the social treated. We work actively
on community management in a chiseled way we weave relationships with followers. Our goal is to reduce the distance between brand and consumer, creating affinity, emotion, working on the most correct positioning, which allows users to enter into deep connection with the brand through its way of communicating. These goals are achieved thanks to a wise balance between social media mngt, digital PR, influencer marketing, tools of today’s communication that Errani Studio mixes and uses wisely, always reaching the goals. Errani Studio directly manages Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter profiles, taking full advantage of their potential, creating a harmonious ecosystem around the direct channels of the brand, with an accurate work of Social Media mgmt.