Press Office

Errani Studio PR & Communication,
is a press office and communication agency based in Milan. Errani Studio carries out integrated
and omnichannel communication projects aimed at increasing and amplifying the visibility
of the brands that rely on its expertise, always
with the most appropriate tone of voice.
Thanks to a constant dialogue with the press
and the main media, Errani Studio can count
on solid relationships at a global level.

As a press office, Errani Studio cultivate its relationships with the main editors and journalists of the most authoritative publications, through events, fashion shows, press days, newsletters,
and activities dedicated to maintaining contact
with the most influential media. Thanks to
its network of contacts, Errani Studio can lead
the brand to achieve notoriety through integrated communication projects.

Errani Studio PR & Communication is a constantly evolving press office that works across different product categories, always finding the most appropriate media mix, thus reaching the audience most in line with the needs of the brand.