Taylor Fritz e Danielle Collins x Waterdrop

Taylor Fritz and Danielle Collins lead the way in plastic-free tennis with Waterdrop.

While everyone is focused on sustainability, tennis is one of the sports where a large number of plastic bottles are still present and can be seen courtside. The Austrian company Waterdrop announces the arrival of Americans Danielle Collins and Taylor Fritz as the first Waterdrop athletes. This big new step is a commitment to sustainability and wellness as a promise of a continued shake-up in the beverage industry. The reign of plastic and bottled beverages is over, we are entering a new industry!

Eager to revolutionize the beverage industry and raise awareness of its disastrous health and environmental impact, waterdrop® is proud to introduce Danielle Collins and Taylor Fritz as its new ambassadors. A partnership tailored to the talented and committed tennis players, “The message of waterdrop® Drink More Water is so important and relevant, yet many still drink too little water in their daily lives. Hydration should always have an important place in my daily habits, such as nutrition or training. I am also very concerned about the environmental impact of our consumption and tennis practice. That is why I am very proud to become a Waterdrop athlete and bring this important issue even more to the forefront,” said Danielle Collins.

With a mission to get people to drink more water, the brand has already entered the tennis world during the Mallorca 2022 Championships with hydration stations on player benches to support athletes on the court and encourage the public to stay hydrated without plastic around. “Maintaining proper hydration is very important to me, not only on the tennis court, but also in everyday life. I was thrilled when I heard about waterdrop® and am excited to partner with them to raise awareness about the importance of drinking enough water in a sustainable way. To be one of the first waterdrop® athletes to participate in the mission is a privilege,” said Taylor Fritz.

Choosing such promising players as brand ambassadors means a lot to the partnership model previously observed in the sports industry. Goals are at the heart of it all; it’s about making a real impact.

“Choosing Danielle Collins and Taylor Fritz as our ambassadors was a test for us. Not only because they are fantastic and promising athletes, but also because they are role models for every generation, especially the younger ones. I firmly believe that if people continue to see athletes drinking from plastic bottles the message is wrong. We live in a world where both sustainability and well-being can be found with simple solutions to build a better future. (Tap) water is essential for the body, for performance, and for the planet,” said Martin Murray, CEO and co-founder of waterdrop®.