The new Atelier Emé Sposa campaign

The new Atelier Emé bridal campaign is a romantic journey that celebrates the enchanting adventure
of marriage. The brand’s new proposals are presented through dreamy shots immersed in the suspended atmosphere of the Tuscan countryside, among the rolling Tuscan hills and the soft light of a romantic sunset.

The campaign is inspired by the journey, a metaphor for the path of life together after the wonderful day
of “I do”. Precisely because the wedding is the symbolic starting point of a journey around the world together, Atelier Emé wants to celebrate brides with refined, precious and timeless dresses.

The creations are developed from three moods. The first one revolves around the binomial
“Soul and Tradition”, inspired by the contemporaneity of the present. The historical period we are going through has led us to rediscover all the beauty that surrounds us and to appreciate the folklore and craftsmanship of Italian know-how. The clothes are a celebration of craftsmanship: macramé inserts, precious crochet details, delicate inlays and geometric patterns cover Atelier Emé’s clothes.

There is also a dreamy mood, “Between the Moon and the Stars”, inspired by the glamour and euphoria
of the world of cinema in the 1920s, with dreamy projections and mysterious divas. The collection has
a bewitching and sophisticated charm: silk georgette, Art Deco details, inlays and lace embellish the dresses for romantic and seductive femme fatales.

Finally, “Essential”, a theme that celebrates the depth of the Essential, leading us to discover and appreciate the importance of the true essential and founding emotions of our lives, first and foremost Love, with all its energy and beauty. This is why Atelier Emé chooses to talk about the magic of this feeling on impalpable and ethereal wedding dresses, unique in the purity of white and in the uniqueness of the materials, from silk georgette to duchesse, from satin to crèpe: essential and precious creations like Love.

The clothes in the collection are interpreted by the beautiful Emi Renata. The Japanese-Brazilian model
and fitness instructor has always had a cosmopolitan soul, which has taken her around the world for work and passion. Her curious and globetrotting spirit, as well as her unique beauty, fit perfectly with the mood
of the campaign. Moreover, Emi will soon be getting married: a real bride, who feels the emotion of her romantic “yes” day and interprets clothes with a special sensitivity and joy. She will wear an Atelier Emé creation for her wedding. Not only a campaign face and ambassador, but above all a special bride-to-be
who fully interprets the splendid collection.