The Sound Of Tezenis

The Tezenis fashion show returns to Verona and it does so at full volume.

This year Tezenis, the fashion and innovative soul of the Calzedonia group, returns to explore one of the themes it is most connected to, music. Different genres, rhythms and sounds enlivened a unique evening at the Dossobuono headquarters in the province of Verona.

The Sound of Tezenis transported the audience to a space with a seemingly minimalist atmosphere, hiding all the avant-garde of a contemporary and young reality.

Along with modern sounds vibrant with energy, technology was the star of the evening. A catwalk of the future that at the occasion turns into a dance floor, thanks also to the led technology for a continuous evolution during the evening, a perfect example of the dynamic core of the brand.

The ceiling’s movable LED tubes create plays of light and shapes, giving free rein to the imagination. Lasers and motorized lights transform the venue into a constantly evolving environment, never the same.

Special musical guests for the evening are the two French DJs: Kungs, with his unmistakable tropical house sounds, and Martin Solveig, for future and electro tones. Different tunes, ready to tell the story of an ever-changing evening.

Numerous personalities from TV entertainment, the music scene and the hottest socialites of the moment. Among others, Giulia De Lellis, Elettra Lamborghini, Ignazio Moser, Alessia Lanza and Mattia Stanga.

The ability to change to land in the future thus becomes the message between fashion and music of the 2022 fashion show The Sound of Tezenis.

Supplier partners of the event MAC, COTRIL and FEDUA, leading make-up, hair-styling and nail-care companies that will add color and personality to the evening.