Anna Valle interprets Sara Loren Jewels

The beautiful Anna Valle wears the contemporary allure and pop design jewelry signed
Sara Loren Jewels, the brand born from the will of Sara Motta.

The fresh, eclectic and modern spirit, in relation to an elegant and sophisticated style, are the elements
that unite Anna Valle to the brand. Woman, Mother, Actress and Model, Anna Valle reflects in all respects
the values of the brand, thanks to her charm and her constant desire to get involved in every occasion.

Italianness is another fundamental element, it is the fil rouge that unites the actress to the brand.
All the jewels, in fact, are exclusively Made in Italy and are made in the goldsmith district of Vicenza,
where the company is based: here tradition and innovation come together and give rise to earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings of particular shapes and colors and flashy.

Anna Valle is one of a kind, as are the jewels she wears and has chosen to interpret as a friend of the brand, which are part of the iconic Cosmos collection, the very first launched by the brand. The jewels are made
of 18kt gold-plated silver, and their peculiarity is given by the enamel that is created through a special electro-immersion galvanic process able to guarantee bright and vivid shades.

Sara Loren Jewels defines a project made of passion, research and study that focuses on the importance
of female expression and together with Anna Valle, the jewels will be the protagonists of a journey that will give voice to precious emotions, a source of inspiration for all women.