Atelier Emé presents Re-love

Atelier Emé presents Re-love, the upcyling project in collaboration with mending for good.

A new dream come true, through an exclusive collection of archival wedding dresses by Atelier Emé,
and artfully reworked in collaboration with mending for good, the consulting firm created to offer luxury brands creative and ethical design-driven upcycling solutions.

Re-Love is an incredible project of circular co-design that has involved two leaders in their field,
a harmonious union of high Italian craftsmanship and green strategies with a high social impact.

Love a wedding dress, once and forever. Re-Love is the capsule collection consisting of sixteen wedding dresses – 10 developed in collaboration with mending for good, 6 created internally by the style office
of the company – sixteen iconic garments of the brand selected among the most significant in the history
of the maison, archival creations reworked with love, a re work that is the creative result of a transformation project occurred following the principles of circularity. Harmonious and fairy tale fusion of past and present, a company that makes clear and possible innovation strategies following sustainability paths.

Atelier Emé has decided to collaborate with mending for good by developing a series of proposals centered on high craftsmanship techniques, creative, romantic and fun, starting from archive dresses. A work carried out by the style office in the sartorial laboratories of the Maison Atelier Emé, deconstructing
and reconstructing the chosen garments, while mending for good on the other hand has been responsible for providing repurposing solutions through painting on fabric performed by Karl Joerns of La Serra MK textile Atelier in Florence, hand embroidery performed by Donatella de Bonis and hand decorations.
A fairy-tale upcycling, achieved through a synergistic work that has combined highly specialized skills
and craftsmanship, for ten dreamy, romantic creations, full of colorful designs, watercolor bouquets,
three-dimensional applications and ton-sur-ton embroidery.

The Re-love collection – and the collaboration between Atelier Emé and mending for good – are the result of a circular creativity applied to the wedding sector. Tailoring and craftsmanship thus take on a new aesthetic that feeds on a significant past and the know-how of the Atelier Emé maison.

Not only. The bridal gowns of the Re-love limited edition collection are also the result of a training path,
of workshops organized by mending for good and held by the artisans and which involved the artisan workshops of San Patrignano for painting on fabric and Manusa for handmade embroidery. The cooperatives benefited from workshops to to deepen particular technical knowledge.