Calligaris presents the new 2021 collection

Calligaris’ long journey towards excellence in Made in Italy design continues into 2021, with a constant commitment to quality and innovation that has led the brand to be recognised as one of the leading international players in the furniture segment.

Year after year Calligaris products are more and more appreciated for their functionality and beauty, thanks also to the vision of designers capable of interpreting the contemporary spirit and the company’s great manufacturing experience in an ever-changing way, with particular attention to the aesthetics and finishes
of the products.

The new Calligaris 2021 collection best expresses the company’s motto “MY LIFE, MY STYLE”, a true hymn to the brand identity. The aim is to increasingly improve the quality of life, offering products that adapt
to every need and style, recreating real spaces to be lived in and filled with memories. Calligaris once again demonstrates its ability to combine tradition with innovation, thanks also to its commitment to sustainability and to keeping abreast of the latest market trends. A new, wide-ranging collection embracing every area
of the home, from the living room to the bedroom, with proposals designed to meet every need.