Rezina at Fuorisalone 2022

Giallo Fantastico Gio Ponti: the new pattern by Rezina®

A leader in the production and application of resin coating and flooring products, Rezina® has been committed to the research and development of innovative solutions for more than two decades.

The focus on the quality of materials that distinguishes Rezina® is complemented by a new sensitivity to the issue of environmental sustainability, producing products that combine the use of eco-friendly preparations with the pleasure of aesthetic value.

For Rezina®, producing, researching and using eco-sustainable products is an essential mission. It is to support this need that Rezina Atelier was born, a new container in which to bring together all those energies and resources to design, create and distribute design solutions that are eco-friendly.

Eco-surface is the first result of this intuition, made in rolls and obtained from compounds of vegetable oils and natural mineral components. With a resilient core that can withstand the test of time, Eco-surface is made without the addition of toxic additives.

Within this vision was born GIALLO FANTASTICO, the first pattern that faithfully reproduces the one designed by GIO PONTI for the realization of the floor of the Pirelli Skyscraper. The know-how of a production signed Rezina®️ puts its hand to new materials for a conscious reinterpretation that highlights the intuition of a great innovator. The new, natural products evoke the experimentation of the Milanese architect and designer, and flow into a work in which technology, architecture and design complement each other.

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