Calzedomania – A legs celebration

A spectacular event. In Paris, at the majestic Palais Brongniart, Calzedonia surprised its guests and international celebrities with a never-before-seen experience: an unforgettable celebration of legwear, conceived with creative agency Villa Eugénie

Paris, September 26 – A perfect alchemy of fascination and pop culture, nestled in the breathtaking Ville Lumière. Calzedonia conquered Paris with CALZEDOMANIA – A Legs Celebration: an immersive experience created to celebrate its iconic garments surrounded by the unique atmosphere of the Paris Fashion Week.

With over 215 Calzedonia stores in the country, France was the natural choice for an event that is destined to confirm the glamorous global brand from Verona as a leading player in the world of legwear: Calzedonia boasts over 2,100 points of sale in 53 countries (600 of which in Italy) and e-commerce channels in 35 countries.

In this historic fashion capital of the world, tights have become a symbol of style since the 1940s, when models, actresses and dancers all had their legs clad in this shimmering accessory: a passion that sparked in the States with the first national sale, which enjoyed outstanding success. An accessory that is constantly evolving based on the ever-changing customs and advancements in technology: in 1962, with the debut of the skimpy miniskirts created by Mary Quant, tights became incredibly popular, donned by icons of the caliber of Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton. While lace and fishnet stockings were born in the 1970s (thanks to the emergence of punk fashion), the legendary Eighties gave birth to the first patterned and polka dot styles, but especially to the first leggings: thus setting the trend of colorful fashion, even for regular tights. A must-have back then but also in the 2000s. In fact, with miniskirts, mini shorts and mini dresses making a huge comeback, women, rather than showing bare legs, enjoy the pleasure of wearing tights and stockings embellished with details, patterns and bright color blocking.

A style that Calzedonia has made unique and unmistakable, constantly reinterpreting it over the years. So, against the breathtaking backdrop of Palais Brongniart (housing the historical Paris stock exchange), guests discovered, room after room, every face of the brand, setting off on a memorable experiential journey that was skillfully conceived by Villa Eugénie: Etienne Russo’s Creative Agency that, for over thirty years, has given life to shows and events all over the globe, known and appreciated for their original and unforgettable productions.

Palais Brongniart is a unique location, that, with its regal neoclassicism, welcomed the performances and original installations of CALZEDOMANIA – A Legs Celebration.

Behind the grand façade of the Palais Brongniart, an oversized replica of the entrance door of a Calzedonia boutique has allowed access to the brand’s universe, reinterpreted in a dreamlike way: interplays of light and mirrors, an infinity room, legs multiplied by kaleidoscope effects, performances with dancers, acrobats and majorettes, an exceptional multidisciplinary cast of over 60 artists and performers who offered a vibrant show.

Some of the most intriguing styles from the latest collections were the undisputed stars of the event: iconic tights that since 1986 (when the brand was founded) have won over our customers, now reinterpreted with sustainable yarns, but also timeless animal-print and polka dot styles, as well as colored designs presented in solid colors and in fishnet patterned versions.

During the show, there was a preview of the Special Edition festive pieces, which were worn by the many performers and which will hit the stores in early December: sparkling tights and leggings enhanced by rhinestones, glitter inserts, corset-style crossover bands with jewel-like ribbons, metal fishnet, and a sensual bodystocking in an animal-print version.

The show was an amazing journey through surreal settings right from the start on the red carpet, thanks to the presence of influencers and international celebrities such as Laetitia Casta, Chiara Ferragni, Shay Mitchell, Tina Kunakey, Leonie Hanne, Rossy de Palma, Sara Sampaio, Jasmine Tooks, Pamela Reif, Anna dello Russo, Sara Carbonero, Elisabetta Canalis and many more.