Chantecler presents the new Joyful creations

Chantecler the Capri maison that symbolizes the most sophisticated jewelry-making tradition presents the new Joyful creations, jewels with a sinuous design and details that play with the past and reinterpret it in a contemporary key.

Delicate drops of light shine in pastel shades, almost reflecting the vital energy that emerges from the waters of the sea of Capri. The rings, thanks to their delicate shape, envelop like precious lights and reflect all the passion that animates the skilled hands of artisans, creating small masterpieces.

Splendid earrings, designed to be combined with each other in sophisticated mix&match games, are embellished with refined stones proposed in different color nuances, for women who love to make a statement, even if only through a detail.

Necklaces with sapphires, pearls and diamonds are created and transformed according to one’s personal taste, because joyful explodes for everyone in a different way, but always and only by shining.

The new Joyful collection is waiting for you in Milan, Capri and the best jewelry stores in Italy.