IBRIGU presents the Botanical collection for the Spring Summer 23 season, a line inspired by nature, the quintessential symbol of life, which fully reflects the brand’s concept of revitalizing vintage. Fundamental to the fashion house, as well as core to its DNA, is in fact the reuse of fabrics and the sustainable recovery of garments, such as the traditional kimono, now an Ibrigu icon.

The graphics drawn with a light hand are reminiscent of ancient herbals, enriched with petals, corollas, leaves and buds, images of beauty and sensuality that describe the Ibrigu woman: independent and free. Through a fresh and contemporary look, the sartorial reconstruction creates unique, modern, scenic pieces.
A métissage of seemingly heterogeneous elements that come together in a vision of contemporary and dreamy fashion, capable of conveying the deepest mood sensations of the beautiful season.

The Botanical collection bases its foundations on three focuses: the flower, the emblem of beauty, which conveys renewal and passion, followed by the fern leaf, an allusion to mystery and the unknown, united finally with tailoring, the granitic certainty of the past from which the future of a new fashion is projected.

IBRIGU explores the uniqueness of the moment in an urban, metropolitan context through androgynous garments in new neutral hues, in wool canvas and stretch cotton, with the addition of tea-dyed cotton lace for shirts with delicate sheer textures. A mix of contrasts that goes to define sensations of lightness with a rock touch, reflecting the actuality of a world full of opposites that, inevitably, merge.

Another cornerstone of the Spring Summer 23 line is given by the summer fabrics, linen and silk, declined in warm and compelling nuances, from powder pink to india red, from delicate écru to white, all with a single fil rouge: the color black, timeless synonym of elegance.

The decorations are composed of handmade embroideries with thick threads that reproduce botanical details of ferns and dahlias, enriching the garments as if they were real tattoos on the fabric.

Completing the collection are precious chokers of feathers and flowers with an oriental flavor, defining an unprecedented, new femininity with a “shamanic” styling that envelops and engages, in a ritual of overlays with a native appeal that is always in contact with Mother Earth.

In addition to being, as always, an important exponent of Made in Italy tailoring and refined craftsmanship, with the nature theme of the Botanical collection, Ibrigu wants to expose its conscious soul in the foreground, reflecting the philosophy of recovery on which it was founded, wanting to be also an unequivocal manifesto of sustainability and preservation.