Dr. Hauschka lanches a new limited edition

Good for the skin, good for the planet: together for sustainable partnerships around the world.

For Dr. Hauschka, sustainability is a 360-degree concept. The company has always supportedmulti-year eco-solidarity projects topromote organic and biodynamic farming in developing countries, purchase highly qualitative and certified raw materials, and support local economic development and fair trade.

For its 100% natural cosmetics, it has been using organic shea butter from Burkina Faso for 20 years. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of this partnership with local suppliers, Dr. Hauschka is launching a range of products containing this precious ingredient with Limited Edition packaging that pays homage to the West African country.

In 2001, when Dr. Hauschka began its search for organic shea butter, it found that no product of the desired quality was available on the global market. But in Burkina Faso, she discovered a women’s collective-as is often found in Africa-harvesting shea nuts traditionally, by hand. Establishing a local production and export business meant providing a reliable source of income for the women. Since that day, the nuts have been processed almost entirely within the country, which means a significantly higher profit margin for the producers, in part because the shea butter is certified organic and fair trade. The approximately 4,000 women and their families in 21 villages benefit directly: the money they earn enables children to go to school and helps provide clean water and better quality health care. In this way, “women’s gold” provides not only a high-quality ingredient for Dr. Hauschka cosmetics, but also helps local people become more prosperous and self-sufficient. Shea butter, extracted from the nuts of the shea tree, cares for the skin in many ways: not only does it help it retain its moisture, but it is also well tolerated. For these reasons it has long been a favorite ingredient in natural cosmetics. In the Dr. Hauschka line we find this precious ingredient in the Pink Body Balm, Light Pink Day Cream, Quince Day Cream, and Lip Stick. In keeping with the brand’s philosophy of promoting equitable, long-term partnerships around the world to produce quality raw materials, these four products are now available in Limited Editionwith the slogan “Good for the skin, good for the planet.” The joyful African-style packaging is reminiscent of the dresses of the approximately 4,000 Burkina Faso women who harvest nuts for Dr. Hauschka in the Diarabakoko region of the country’s southwest. An appreciation for the country, the people and the precious ingredient used in Dr. Hauschka cosmetics.