Eau Soilogne by Petit Bateau

Petit Bateau is proud to launch a unique perfume on the market: an eau de cologne that combines care and fragrance, developed especially for toddlers (0-3 years).

Its hypoallergenic formula is composed of 97.5 percent natural ingredients and is alcohol-free. The development of Eau Soilogne was done in direct continuity with the brand’s 130-year-long commitments to children and parents: quality (an aqua designed in collaboration with experts from the Rocher Group and a scientific committee composed of pediatric dermatologists), sustainability (Made in France, environmentally sustainable product, natural ingredients), always with the desire to support children’s freedom and connect them to nature at heart.

For night as well as day, Petit Bateau takes care of both older children, dressing them for back-to-school, and toddlers, accompanying them on their adventure to daycare! In particular, this night collection, consisting of many models of bodysuits and two-piece pajamas, takes its cue from nature and is inspired by feelings of delicacy and cheerfulness like those that animate children’s dreams.