Falconeri x Pardo Yachts

The collaboration between the two iconic brands of italian style in the world begins.

On the occasion of the Cannes Yachting Festival 2022 Pardo Yachts announced a new collaboration with Falconeri, a refined Italian brand specialized in the creation of cashmere knitwear and the highest quality natural yarns, perfectly in line with the philosophy of Pardo Yachts.

The partnership between the two brands, which also continued during the Genoa International Boat Show, led to the creation of a capsule collection consisting of a selection of clothing items that perfectly combine the high quality of raw materials, which has always distinguished Falconeri, with the maritime atmosphere proper to the world of Pardo Yachts. The fruit of the collaboration, in addition to shirts and T-shirts in the freshest linen, is the evergreen product of the brand, the ever-present reversible sleeveless jacket in technical fabric and ultrafine cashmere.

It was precisely during the two major trade shows that inaugurated the new international nautical season that the entire Falconeri x Pardo Yachts collection was on display at the Pardo Yachts booth.

The parallels spontaneously emerge with pivotal values common to the two philosophies. Attention to detail, respect for the environment and sustainability stand out, as well as the attention given to tradition and Italian style.

Whether we are talking about the finest yarns or fine wood essences, the high standards of quality that characterize the products of the two brands are concrete and tangible. The effortless luxury expressed by Falconeri garments is thus perfectly suited to the iconic and distinctive lines of Pardo Yachts hulls, recognized worldwide as synonymous with quality.