Luxy wins Interior Design Magazine’s Best of Year Award with Cluster collection

On December 8 at Penn1 in Manhattan, a ceremony was held to celebrate the winners of Interior Design Magazine’s 17th Best of Year Awards. The American magazine each year honors the most innovative products and the most amazing designs from around the world.

Luxy, an Italian brand specializing in the production of designer seating, won the Best of Year Award in the “Contract seating collection” category with the Cluster collection.

The Cluster seat, designed by Luigi Vittorio Cittadini, is the no-holds-barred piece of furniture that responds to every person’s needs and tastes. Moldable according to needs, it can be defined as a canvas on which everyone can give vent and unleash their creativity, draw their emotions, tell their story and create an object with a singular uniqueness.

Interior Design Magazine’s Best of Year Awards represent an important recognition for Luxy that once again underscores the brand’s ability to respond to new needs with an eye to the future through unique products conceived as a fundamental “place” at the service of people’s creativity and expression, synonymous with quality and craftsmanship combined with technology and sustainability.

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