In theater with Manila Grace

With a view to engagement and closeness to its audience,
Manila Grace is launching a contest to fully experience the Arcimboldi Theatre in Milan.

After the homage to the culture of the FW21 campaign, Manila Grace consolidates
the close relationship with its community by creating a new exciting and engaging initiative.

From 7 to 18 October it will be possible to take part in a contest that will have as a prize the winning
of two tickets to attend a show at the Arcimboldi Theatre and live this experience to the fullest.

Four simple steps will be enough to join this project: the first step is to frame with your smartphone
the QR code on the store window, the second step is to enter your data to receive an immediate 20% discount to be used on next purchases until October 31. The third step is to virtually ‘scratch’ the silver surface that will appear on the screen and after a few seconds discover if you are the lucky one to win
two tickets for an evening at the theater.

Not only in the store, it will be possible to take part in the contest also only through social networks,
through stories and posts by entering your data, through an email that Manila Grace newsletter subscribers will receive in their inbox, or by connecting to the website: https://www.manilagracecontest.it/.
After that the procedure will be the same, ‘scratch’ the silver graphics that will appear on the screen
and find out if you won.

The lucky winner will have the chance to go and see a performance at the Arcimboldi Theatre, together
with a friend, a partner or a daughter, and visit the backstage and everything that goes on behind the scenes of a show, thus fully experiencing the theatre and everything that goes on behind the scenes.

Manila Grace, the women’s fashion brand, with its eclectic and contemporary style, further consolidates
its closeness to its followers with a cultural, engaging and unique activity.