Luigi Bianchi sartorial excellence has a new image

Luigi Bianchi renews its image with a global restyling operation focused on brand simplification.
The historic Lubiam Spa brand – a Mantuan company that has represented a model of excellence in the field of men’s haute couture since 1911 – is evolving and choosing to tell its values in a simpler,
more direct and immediate way. Starting from the Spring-Summer 2022 season, the collections that until now have been associated with three distinct brands (Luigi Bianchi Mantova Sartoria, Luigi Bianchi Mantova Flirt and Lubiam Cerimonia) will be united under a single main brand: LUIGI BIANCHI. The rebranding operation aims at enhancing in a harmonious and coherent way the experience and the proposal of the brand
and at facilitating its communication and sales dynamics at an international level, maintaining the breadth and variety of the offer in terms of collections, models and fabrics. The LUIGI BIANCHI renaming is accompanied by a new logo with an essential and sophisticated graphic look. Three different declinations, corresponding to as many occasions of use, will then characterize the internal labels of the garments: Luigi Bianchi Sartoria, Luigi Bianchi Flirt and Luigi Bianchi Cerimonia.