Night Veils: The Ritual of the Night

I think there is something about the night, it’s a different world of possibilities; a different version of who you are, a nocturnal sense of duality. From evening blooms to animals, there is a whole part of nature that lives at night-how can we be removed from that? I know I have a completely different mindset at nightfall; it’s very emotionally distinctive. It’s almost the beginning of another life, and I wanted to do something to mark the beginning of the evening, a new nighttime ritual that would sound like a gong for when this twilight life begins.” Ben Gorham, Creative Director and Founder, Byredo. Vanille Antique completes a quartet of Night Veils, joining Tobacco Mandarin, Casablanca Lily, Reine de Nuit and Sellier as part of Byredo’s unique Extraits de Parfum series.

Mirroring the morning ceremony of perfume application, Night Veils are designed for the ritual of the night, their application marking the beginning of the evening and the embrace of an alternative nightlife.

Like flowers that release their most intoxicating scent at dusk, with a more voluptuous, rich and rounded play of notes, these penetrating perfume concentrates, made from the purest and most precious raw materials, envelop the wearer in an intense yet intimate fragrance.

Using an older, more luxurious and refined perfume tradition, working closer to the skin and radiating through body heat, a small amount of extrait de parfum lasts for many hours and becomes more deeply connected to the wearer. Worn for an evening adventure or simply in bed, Night Veilsoffers deep olfactory stimulation, inspiring and reflecting a nocturnal world of imagination, memory and desire.