Style contamination for Brooksfield SS23

Born out of a desire to capture that cool, relaxed atmosphere of 1960s summers, Brooksfield’s new Spring-Summer 2023 collection is inspired by the cult film Talent Mr. Ripley. It is a journey through the summer views of the Mediterranean, where Italian style is mixed with the usual influence of American and British sportswear.

Design and fashion come together. Furniture elements, wallpapers and art installation, are inspirational for the palette: ochre, burnt, coral, aquamarine, turquoise and pink, played with each other, sometimes unexpectedly. Special dyes made in the garment are able to give three-dimensionality and depth to the color that becomes the protagonist.

The choice of fabrics, knitted or shuttle, is for natural fibers, such as cotton, linen and lyocell, capable of capturing the lightness of summer days.

Representatives of the relaxed style, pants and jackets, are now softer and more spacious, without being oversized. New and unique shirts, woven exclusively for the brand, replicate some vintage yarns. Revised in super bright summer colors such as teal and klein blue, or orange and magenta they are able to keep intact that innate elegance of the brand.

The contaminations between the worlds of shirts and polo shirts continue with the creation of pop-overs on cotton or linen shuttles and piqué polo shirts with fabric details. Each model thus becomes a marriage of Italian style and typical sportswear experimentation.

Finally, there is no lack of a special ‘tennis’ capsule, inspired by the legendary 80’s, when that way of dressing went out to the playing field to be worn in everyday life. Polo shirts and sweaters, plain, plaited or with striped edges, are offered in three colors with a navy flavor: red, navy and white. Stylish additions to a timeless collection.