Tezenis continues its clear and decisive direction towards a present and a future increasingly sustainable. Last stop in order of time, a special event on October 14. In Vallese in the province of Verona, right next
to the headquarters of the brand, will take place – in collaboration with Alberitalia, the foundation that aims to combat climate change through solutions based on nature – the planting of new trees, one for each participant, with the active involvement of the sales force of the brand.

At the same time, in mid-October, another special initiative for the benefit of the environment will be launched. In all Tezenis stores will be encouraged to purchase reusable shopping bags in cotton canvas
to avoid waste as much as possible to the detriment of the environment. Alternatively, the disposable shopping bags will still be available but to pay a symbolic price, the proceeds of the sale will be used to finance a planting project in the Liangdu region of China. This initiative will allow the reforestation of 23 thousand hectares of land in the Liuzhi district, an area affected by desertification due to climate change and pollution. Collaterally, this will provide more than 15,000 jobs for local communities, 70% of which are women.

This initiative is in addition to the strategies already implemented by the brand with this in mind, namely
the use of recycled FSC paper and cardboard packaging, which is degradable and has a lower environmental impact. Attention, however: since paper requires large quantities of water for its production, Tezenis has decided to discourage the use of disposable paper. The main purpose is to aim at the reabsorption of CO2, promote biodiversity and help all the rural communities that inhabit the forests.