Amedeo Testoni FW22

AMEDEO TESTONI FW22 collection plays on the theme of EXPLORATION, which, for this season, becomes more than just a theme. EXPLORING is an invitation to embrace new and long-lasting values, blur the boundaries between casual and formal wear, and dive into the beauty of small details. Since the company’s founding in 1929, Amedeo Testoni has been exploring and pushing its limits, continuing to discover new possibilities and interpretations of footwear.

AMEDEO TESTONI’s new FW22 Collection EXPLORES the craftsmanship that has always distinguished the brand. Even after 93 years as a luxury footwear brand, it continues its commitment to the search for innovative handcrafted manufacturing techniques to create modern designs. A commitment to creating comfortable, flexible and lightweight footwear, ever-changing designs that adapt to the contemporary hybrid lifestyle.