Dr. Hauschka new Limited Edition Illuminating Fluid x Saskia Diez

The new Dr. Hauschka Illuminating Fluid adds a touch of radiance to every face. The packaging was created by jewelry designer Saskia Diez. Just like in her jewelry, the golden pigments in Illuminating Fluid give the skin light and radiance. A precious jewel that emphasizes every woman’s personality and uniqueness.

Illuminating Fluid is more than just an illuminant. It brightens the skin while protecting it with a formula based on 100% natural medicinal plantsFor Dr. Hauschka, there is no outer beauty without inner beauty. If a person feels confident, she brings out her charisma and lets her uniqueness shine through. “And that really resonates with me and the way I understand beauty,” says Saskia Diez-who designed the packaging with brilliant gold accents.

Dr. Hauschka X Saskia Diez. During the design phase, Saskia Diez spent time in her studio in Munich focusing on her experiences with the different types of beauty embodied by our skin. In particular, she focused on movement and the sensations it creates. She then met personally with the Dr. Hauschka team and worked with them to implement her ideas. Saskia Diez: ‘It was a real team effort. I visited the company and its medicinal plant garden and experienced how much knowledge and science goes into the development of each product. We found that we have a lot in common, especially when it comes to precision and diligence in our work, but also when it comes to our shared commitment to a different business model that combines sustainability, ethics, and diversity.’

We asked Saskia Diez how she uses Dr. Hauschka Illuminating Fluid: “I use it as an illuminant wherever I need more shine. And like magic, creating little dots of light on the cheekbones, collarbones or arms gives the body a touch of summer gold.”

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