Man Improved: the new capsule collection by Technow & Mango

MANGO MAN’s IMPROVED collection has always been the expression of the highest level of innovation
and quality, where technology merges with sustainability to create garments with unique performance.

For the new capsule collection, the Spanish group founded in 1984 has decided to use, in collaboration with the Swiss company TechNow SA, the graphene technology brand Graphene Inside the FutureTM, developing a sustainable smart insulation able to increase both comfort and thermal resistance inside its jackets.

Graphene, in fact, is a nanomaterial with high thermal conductivity that can distribute heat around the body to regulate the basal temperature. This characteristic, together with its antistatic and antibacterial properties, makes this material the ideal candidate to be used as a “super additive” in padding, yarns
and fabrics for the realization of smart textiles, i.e. textile products capable of reacting autonomously
to the stresses and changes derived from the external environment. But in addition to innovation, sustainability has not been neglected. In fact, the graphene used for the collection has a green soul,
being of bio-based origin, i.e. obtained from corn processing waste.

The result is a collection of garments characterized by high performance, perfect for facing winter temperatures both in urban and high altitude contexts. A capsule designed with high quality fabrics
and accessories resistant to wear and tear and weather, clean lines that evoke a minimalist and technological aesthetic. Each garment in the IMPROVED collection is able to guarantee advanced performance and quality such as: Thermal conductivity, waterproofness, antibacterial properties
as well as perfect breathability, underlining how the MANGO group once again proves to be a leader
in both innovation and sustainability.