Piquadro unveils the new PQ LIGHT travel line

June 2022: Edition number 102 of Pitti Immagine Uomo is finally the time for Piquadro to claim its vocation for travel. The star of the fair-event scheduled to take place in Florence June 14-17, therefore, is PQLIGHT, the new line of trolleys made of durable, super-light, colorful and customizable polycarbonate.

The range consists of four sizes, the smallest of which, the cabin, weighs less than 2 kilograms. All feature a customizable address tag with initials. The address tag, attached to the side of the trolley with an anodized aluminum carabiner, is made of molded rubber and on the front can be inserted Piquadro’s geolocation device, Connequ, or the Airtag.

The four wheels, which swivel 360 degrees and are extremely quiet, are black, like the zipper that closes the trolley and like the telescoping handle rods, but the lids can be replaced with others of the same color as the trolley, included with purchase. The trolleys can also be customized by applying colored stickers to the shell that the customer finds inside the case along with the wheel covers.

The available colors, glossy and bright, are a perfect combination that takes into account the needs of business travelers but also the desire for cheerfulness and lightheartedness of those preparing for the vacations. Thus, next to total black and gray we have two decidedly vitaminic shades of yellow and orange.