With their Winter 2022 collection Parajumpers turns fur-free

Bold. That’s the Parajumpers way. It’s in our DNA, informed by the daring and heroism of the men of the 210th Rescue Squadron, who risk their lives to perform recovery missions in the most hostile areas on earth. To be a parajumper is to create a new story. To always be ready for an adventure. To never stop trying to be braver, tougher and better. To use your legacy as a springboard for your leap into the future, every single day.

This spirit of continuous evolution lies at the heart of how Parajumpers is constantly moving forward while staying true to our roots. It’s an ethos that can be seen throughout our Masterpiece series, which ties together humanity and wilderness, technical precision and force of nature. And it’s the reason why the three iconic items at the centre of the collection, with their instantly recognisable Parajumpers patch, yellow parachute strap and cargo pocket, will no longer use fur in their trim.

Part of Parajumpers’ wider initiative to phase out all fur by winter 2022, this change reflects our commitment to facilitating the sustainable, purpose-led journeys of today. Bold, innovative and always up to the challenge, the cutting-edge classics of the Parajumpers collection are ready for your return to nature.