Yves Rocher launches Elixir Botanique

Yves Rocher launches Elixir Botanique, the new line for luminous and soft skin with an exceptional testimonial: Federica Pellegrini, the swimming star.

Needless to say, Nature helps us on many levels: it relieves our aches and pains and improves our mental and physiological abilities. It has now been scientifically proven that being in touch with Nature brings numerous benefits.

Having gradually drifted away from Nature in the past, we now feel a strong need to reconnect with it.
Driven by this need to reconnect with Nature, plant-based cosmetics are taking further steps forward.

By reinventing its scientific approach and creating ever more innovative products, it has been able
to go beyond the classic vision of beauty by bringing with it the concept of a more luminous,
vibrant and generally feel-good beauty that allows us to reconnect with ourselves, with others
and to make sense of this connection with Nature.

For this emblematic new line, Elixir Botanique, we drew our inspiration from scientific studies that highlight the benefits that Nature has on people, including the oxygenation of people living in places where land
and sea meet. How can we transmit all the strength, resistance and regenerative power that nature has
to offer to the skin and prove its effectiveness?

To do this, we have worked meticulously: from plant inspiration to the creation of a unique complex of active ingredients with patented effectiveness, from the eco-conception of the formulas to sensorial appeal.

This line is the perfect example of how the encounter between land and sea creates positive emotions.
This authentic immersion in Breton Nature is able to stimulate all the senses, invigorate the skin and bring happiness, just as when you are in contact with Nature. Let’s not forget the energy that Elixir Botanique can also bring to the skin, making it radiant, oxygenated, fortified and luminous.

A line also created to make you feel better, stronger, more alive and in harmony with your skin
and the environment… In other words, to feel one with Nature.

This new line is the expression and signature of plant-based cosmetics at the heart of Yves Rocher:
plants become fundamental tools to help people reconnect with Nature.